Song of the Day: Free Nationals feat. Kali Uchis & Mac Miller “Time”

So, yesterday  morning I was in the mood to listen to Kali Uchis, and I go to her Spotify page and lo and behold (as the kids say), there was a new song there. “Time” is the second single off the upcoming album by the Free Nationals, who are branching out from their collaboration with Anderson.Paak and who had a pretty cool video for the first single “Beauty & Essex.” Kali Uchis’ album was the soundtrack of last summer, and Malibu with Paak and the Free Nationals was the soundtrack for the year before (or maybe two years before), so I’m extremely optimistic for this year.

“Time” feels like it could be a bonus track on Kali Uchis’ album, but the Free Nationals also bring this groove and a great breakdown with horns and bass before the song gets so hot its ending sounds like a melting record. It also features Mac Miller’s first posthumous verse, and I’ll admit that I never really listened to any of his music, but this has made me want to check it out.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of this Free Nationals project and the songs born from these unexpected collaborations.  

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