Watch: John Mayer + Thundercat Jam in LA

Don’t judge me, but I had a dream about John Mayer last night (we were in a writing retreat bus thing), and so I feel very in sync with The Universe right now because today this video of him jamming with Thundercat appeared on the internet. This made my day. It’s the duet I didn’t know I need it but makes total sense because both John Mayer and Thundercat are modern Greats at playing their respective guitars. (Is that a hot take?)

Word on the online streets is that John Mayer’s next release will be a reunion of the John Mayer Trio (with Steve Jordan on drums and Pino Palladino on bass), which makes me even more excited because the trio was one of the last great Mayer releases after Continuum (one of my all time favorite albums of all time).

And there’s also a video of John and Thundercat with Steve Jordan playing at a secret show in L.A. (ahead of the Mac Miller Tribute show on Wednesday), so now I think that all I want is some sort of John Mayer/Thundercat tour.

Anyway, the ten-minute video might seem long in internet hours, but it’s totally worth it. Come to hear Thundercat’s “Them Changes,” stay for the cool improvised jam at the end.

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