Five Song Playlist: 10/22

Let’s try this – just five songs on a Monday that make the beginning of the week that much more tolerable.

Alex Cameron – “Candy May”

Since promising myself to listen to more Alex Cameron after Treasure Island Music Festival, I took things to the next level and started listening to this song several times per hour just to hear that sweet sax part at the end.

Wayne Wonder – “No Letting Go”

There’s a neighbor on our street who always blasts their Sunday music just at the right time – when the sun is just going down and it’s golden hour – and it’s always something lovely and familiar that makes you think of Sundays past. This week hearing Wayne Wonder was like an audio time machine.

Noname – “Self”

Starting an album with a track that says “ya’ll really thought a bitch couldn’t rap huh?” is so wonderfully bold and so appropriate because I think Noname is underestimated for how legitimately good she is. And I’m not going to add the qualifier female before rapper because she’s a genuis rapper. Period.

The Strokes – “12:51”

One of my favorite things is hearing a song I love in the wild, and while I was waiting for a friend at a hostel in San Francisco, I heard the familiar riff of this old Strokes goodie and I couldn’t not sing along.

Hatchie – “Bad Guy”

I think I like Hatchie because there’s something 90s about her sound and also something kind of new that reminds me of the band Cults. I’m trying to spend more time with single artists and music because I feel like in the age of streaming, we have so much to listen to that we never really get to hear the songs and love them like we used to because they were all we had.

Have a great week!

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