#ThrowbackThursday: Electric Guest

Electric Guest Mondo #ThrowbackThursday

Since music is basically the bricks that line memory lane (well, that and the sense of smell), and I’m also always listening to something old while discovering something new, it only makes sense that I appropriate #ThrowbackThursday for a bit of aural nostalgia.

Sometimes I think that the universe puts certain music in my life (does that sound nuts?), and lately it’s been reminding me of the electro-rainbow melodies of Electric Guest and their first and only album Mondo, which was stamped with the trademark disco sheen of Danger Mouse production. Even though the album was released in 2012, one of my favourite tracks, ‘Waves’, is currently being (ab)used in a TV ad/commercial, and I recently ‘found’ an old Spotify playlist with a couple of beloveds from the LP.

It was nice to hear that the record still holds up, especially ‘Under the Gun with its ominously cool machine melodies, and that I don’t just crave Electric Guest because of the memories of living in L.A (where the group is from) when I was loving Mondo. The music still makes me want to move, and I’m looking forward to what the band puts out for their sophomore project without the help of the genius producer.

Word on the street (aka the band’s Facebook page) is that the new album is in the works; in the meantime, I’ll be jamming to this.

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