Dear 2015, I Already Love You

This year looks like it's going to be the year of my favourite music releases. Pretty much every morning when I wake up and scroll some news feed or other there's always a little teaser, or even better, a whole new single that gets me right in the gut - a tear was shed for... Continue Reading →

#ThrowbackThursday: Electric Guest

Since music is basically the bricks that line memory lane (well, that and the sense of smell), and I’m also always listening to something old while discovering something new, it only makes sense that I appropriate #ThrowbackThursday for a bit of aural nostalgia. Sometimes I think that the universe puts certain music in my life... Continue Reading →

Song of the Day: Javelin – Nnormal

Just be prepared because your mind may be blown a little. When the song first comes on (after you get past some eerie beeping) you definitely hear hip-hop and you definitely feel something in your nerves that makes them twitch in a dance-y fashion.  But this song goes just beyond that and takes you into... Continue Reading →

Bitch? Please

"Bitches Be Crazy" is actually one of my favorite things to say and I haven’t given much thought to the way that the word ‘bitch’ is now a part of everyday vocabulary; unless the context implies that the word is being used in its true sense. But Lupe Fiasco’s “Bitch Bad” made me think of... Continue Reading →

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