Video of the Day: Unknown Mortal Orchestra ‘So Good At Being In Trouble’

I don’t know, maybe it’s “Release Videos In My Favourite Places” Week because today Unknown Mortal Orchestra unleashed their video for “So Good At Being In Trouble”, parts of which was shot at the Venice beach promenade (and even features a muscle man I once rode the bus with from downtown) — which also brings me back to the point that there obviously needs to be a channel for videos like this one and Solange’s.

In case you haven’t been there yet, NPR does this wonderful thing where they stream full albums before their release dates and that’s where I first listened to Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s second album II and immediately  knew that “So Good At Being In Trouble” was the one.  It’s got this sweet familiar guitar riff taking you from section to section and an oh-so-smooth beat and groove that reflects sunshine and sunglasses. It’s a real get down kind of tune that gets me in the mood for chilled summer days, but that could also just be me, wishing I was frolicking with the weirdos in Venice. Either way, I really kind of dig this song (and this album)(and this band).

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