Download Du Jour: Kwamie Liv – Lost in the Girl

Every Sunday, Pigeons and Planes puts up a post called ’15 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now’, which is a great, guilt-free way to sample some new music from not-so-big acts and score a couple of great tracks for your personal collection.

This week’s edition had several gems, including a sensational cover of James Vincent McMorrow’s Cavalier and a fun, city nights dance track called ‘Lost in the Girl’ by Danish singer Kwamie Liv. She’s just released her entire first EP for download on SoundCloud, though if you don’t want to commit to the entire thing – the rest of the tracks are a little deeper and darker in terms of production – ‘Lost in the Girl’ is the one to have. The song basically dares you not to sing a long and/or groove a little.

The words and tune are super catchy insta-pop, and there are these luxurious dramatic synths that lift the track and remind me of music from an 80s soapie. You’ll want to download it so you can have it thump through the speakers in your car, blast through your earphones as you walk down the street and soundtrack your morning routine while you sing to yourself in the mirror.

Do download the entire EP though, but also read this interesting interview to get an idea of the process and person behind the music. You’ll appreciate it even more; from the late-night listening tracks, like ‘5am’ and ‘Coming Down’, to the jammers (see ‘Comin THRU’). Mostly, you’ll find that Kwamie Liv definitely has a talent for writing memorable hooks and good pop that reminds us that pop music isn’t (and shouldn’t be) all that bad.

Now, go listen and download.


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