‘Round here, we listen to Sunday music on Tuesdays because Tuesdays are the real armpit of the week. Monday is okay-ish because it’s a good time for renewal and psyching yourself up to be a better person (I even read once that Mondays are a good day to start a new habit).

But Tuesdays are too far away from any weekend to be nice, and you usually hate yourself because your new habit is already out of the window.

The Tuesday Tune is a memory from Sunday – that time when it’s still the weekend and not the day before the week starts again – and an opportunity to dose yourself with a bit of weekend freedom.

This week, I’m feeling Ebo Taylor and the Pelicans because I woke up with the trumpet melody stuck in my head, and the highlife vibes were appropriate for the Indian Summer in Oakland this weekend. It’s a little more Saturday night than Sunday morning, but that’s part of what makes it a good piece of weekend to hang on to. 


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