A Re-Introduction

I’m back baby! It’s been quiet around these parts because the truth is that I lost my voice. Somewhere in a place full of fear, self-doubt, and the legitimate(-ish) excuse of physical injury, I lost the voice of this person who enjoys sharing the everyday, big and little, physical and mental joys that music brings me.

Sofia Loren once said, “everything you see, I owe to spaghetti,” in reference to her fabulous figure. I would say everything I know about me, I owe to music. My love for dance, my curiosity, my love for words, my love for humans (even though some seem extra shitty right now, the things that connect us are still cooler).

But in this place of doubt and darkness, it’s like I forgot who I was, so I wanted to re-introduce myself to you (and me) with a snapshot of the music that has held me up this year. Either because it’s brand new to the world, new to me, or old and familiar and therefore gave me back the pieces of myself that I put in deep pockets to be rediscovered as a wonderful surprise like finding money in an old coat.

Maybe because of, or in spite of, the hopeless-seeming times we seem to be in, there’s been some pretty good and powerful music this year. And just as that joy in self-expression is an act of defiance in the face of those who seek to silence, I’m hoping to remind myself what an act of self care it is to appreciate music by sharing it here regularly.

And I hope you’ll stick and maybe find something that is good for you too.

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