Video of the Day: Solange ‘Losing You’


I know that everyone is talking about the return of Beyonce at the SuperBowl and now the world tour she’s just announced, but after watching the video for “Losing You”, I am IN LOVE with the younger (and more my type of gal) Knowles. It’s not just that the song kind of rocks or that her latest EP, True, had already planted the seed of my girl-crush when it first came out in November last year.

“Losing You” has this old school kind of beat and charm with sepia toned nostalgia and cool-kids pop which is the mood that is captured in the video.  And the video is where I fell because it was shot in Cape Town!  More than that, Solange looks like the kind of girl you want to hang out with just by the way she gets down in the township with the locals and takes a swig out of one of those dark brown beer bottles. I laughed out loud and felt pangs of jealousy (that I wasn’t part of the jam) and basically just jizzed through the video; loving the song, loving the way she captured how FUN South Africans are and absolutely loving her moves (and ‘fro).

Dear Solange, I love you.

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