Song of the Day: PYYRAMIDS ‘Do You Think You’re Enough’

There are sometimes moments in songs that turn a pretty decent song into a “I always have to listen to this two times” kind of track – moments like in Broken Bells’  “The High Road” when it changes to “it’s too late to change your mind”; moments that take you from idle listening to hearing – “Do You Think You’re Enough” has that. It’s kind of The Strokes-ey with the guitar distortion and a thick rope of bass running through it until “the moment” and the song emerges in the nude.

PYYRAMIDS is a super-group (I found thanks to Pigeons and Planes) consisting of Tim Nordwind from OK GO and Drea Smith from He Say/She Say (who I’ll admit I am not familiar with – a situation I will rectify immediately because I really dig the lady’s voice). They have an album coming out in April and from what I’ve heard so far, it’s going to be some refreshing listening.


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