Idols Jumping the Shark?

If ever there was a sign that American Idol was teetering on its last legs, Katy Perry as a judge would be it. I have absolutely nothing against the candy-colored California popstress and have no reason to question her amateur judging abilities – it just seems a little clutching at straws-y for American Idol to start looking in her direction as the next Simon/Paula(most likely)/Randy/Steven/Jennifer/Adam (for as long as that rumor lasted).

The show is on what, its 127th season now and the title of American Idol is about as meaningful as say, that of the current Miss World. It’s been feeling a little stale and really, the best parts were the auditions and Simon Cowell being freezingly honest and then being really nice (and now you can watch him do that on X-Factor). Basically, does anyone worth asking even still watch American Idol?

Though she has smartly declined the offers to judge because of the “commitment”, if she we were to help find and mold America’s next big superstar, would she be as entertaining as the William Hungs of the world?  My experience of Ms Perry outside of ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and ‘Firework’ (a song I secretly, secretly don’t hate) was her in an SNL skit a couple of years ago. I decided then that I didn’t mind her and actually don’t think she would be revolting to watch regularly on TV. Her walking away from judging makes me like her more because she’s obviously polite and not dumb.

Ultimately – and this is the most important – it’s just because if you’re going to be a judge for a singing competition, you should really, really know what you’re talking about. And no offence but I just don’t feel like Katy Perry would. Idol was legit back in its day because the judges were trustworthy professionals. Now it’s more like they’ll take anyone who America can look at for the 13 weeks or whatever, and for that, if you had to pick someone, Katy Perry wouldn’t be a bad choice.

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