Remix of the Day: How Come You Never Go There?

One of my current life regrets is not seeing Feist when I had the chance at Bonnaroo – granted it was for an all-day wait for a prime Radiohead viewing location so it wasn’t a compete fail, but still, I just think that she would be very cool to see live.

So in the meantime (because I will catch her at some point) I’ve kind of been binging on her music and enjoying this, the Remix of the Day, ‘How Come You Never Go There (Beck Remix)’ from her 2011 album Metals. Brass instruments are always, always a good add and they are the call to attention at the beginning of the track, and then used like little bits of italics to emphasise Feist’s point.

There’s cheeky, shoulder shaking beats and light flutters of piano that ups the ante – coloring in the original and filling it out and that is exactly what a good remix should do.

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