Song of the Day: Bon Iver “U(Man Like)”

Everything is going to be ok. Bon Iver released two new songs yesterday and though I often wish that he would do another Volcano Choir project (because Repave is one of the most underrated albums ever and one of my favorites ever), it’s always magical to hear OG Vernon and be reminded of the distances we’ve traveled since “Skinny Love” came out twelve years ago (dead skull emoji).

Of the two new tracks, I’m most drawn to “U(Man Like)” – these piano-ballad-gospel-anthem-raw-voiced-Vernon uplifting two-and-a-half-minutes that came to save me right when the life-and-Monday blues settled in. Bonus points are also awarded because Moses Sumney sings backing vocals on this (and if you haven’t listened to Moses Sumney’s Aromanticism,  you better rectify that posthaste).

“U(Man Like)” and “Hey Ma”(which I was initially disappointed to find wasn’t a Cam’ron cover) are singles from an album that’s supposed to coming out this year that will be supported by a tour with a stop in San Francisco.

I’ve seen Bon Iver twice, but I’m not sure if it really counts – the first time was at Bonnaroo 2012 during an afternoon set where we sat on the grass at the back and it was too hot for anything; the second was at the first Eaux Claires festival and then we were too far away for it to mean anything. So maybe I should do myself the favor and go see them this time.  In the meantime, there’s this whimsical video and that hammering piano and that beautiful voice and yes, everything is going to be ok.

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