Five Song Playlist: January Jumble

It feels like I’m trying to catch up on the music I only found out about from reading all the year end lists, and I’m also impatient and expectant for the music that’s going to come out this year. So I’m sort of stuck in this place where I’m not sure what I want to listen to because it feels like there’s so much and none at all.

It’s the audio equivalent of looking at a fridge full of food and not finding a thing to eat.

I’m also realizing that 2009 is now ten years ago, and that was on of my favorite music years and what feels like the beginning of the transformation of “indie” from just a method of releasing music to an actual genre.

And it’s made me think lots about, but unable to listen to, the likes of Passion Pit, MGMT, and Phoenix because they’re timeless but also a reminder of my aging and mortality that sort of freaks me out.  

All of which is to say this week’s five week playlist is a jumble of songs that I keep going back to because they’re addictive and the easiest choice to make right now.

It turns out what I do actually want to listen to currently is a cheesy 80s song (Hall & Oats); a debut single from an underrated girl group from the 2000s (Sugarbabes); a song that reminds me of 2009 but was released the year before (Ladyhawk); a rap song from the early 90s that equates a lux olive oil brand with wealth (Camp Lo); and a one hit one wonder from 1975 by a band from the Netherlands that I am legitimately obsessed with (Lion).

Don’t get me wrong, these are Certifiable Bangers, so if I have to be stuck with just five songs right now, these certainly aren’t the worst.  

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