Song of the Day: Laraaji “I Can Only Bliss Out (F’Days)

A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend who shares music is better.

Late last week Marvin Bae (who’s good music taste you can find here) sent me this song, and it’s been keeping me going. On Sunday, it was the perfect soundtrack for my morning ritual of drinking warm lemon water while soaking the sun that shines warmest on our back porch (there’s something about the sun that makes the lemon taste lemonier and the warm water that makes it feel like the sun is getting right to my insides).

I spent a lot of time earlier this year in a depressed state where it felt more desirable to sleep and live in the dream world than in the real one. And now that that time has passed, it feels kind of good to have those rose-tinted glass back on my eyes.

A screen grab from Laraaji’s “Bring on the Sun” music video (and kind of what I looked like on Sunday.) Image from It’s Nice That

As I look out over this beautiful world / And I contemplate the origin of it all / I can only bliss out for days,” Laraaji sings.

Yeah those lyrics are new-agey, but that’s what he’s known for (this particular song is part of a collection from a batch of self-released cassette tapes from 1984). And I don’t mind the cheese.

Especially now that even the little moments like sitting in the sun and drinking warm lemon water can make me feel like I can bliss out for days again. 


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