Remember This? Flobots “Handlebars”

Flobots “Handlebars” always reminds me of trading music with this kid Miles who, in a braggy way, kept mentioning how he preferred listening to whole albums than just collecting singles like everyone else did during the illegal download era.

It was noble, sure, but also made it hard to admit facts that songs like “Handlebars” was one of those true one hit wonders that seemed to be a fluke on an album full of songs you’d never even think about listening to again.

“Handlebars” was also the epitome of cool at the time and said you weren’t listening to whatever the mainstream jocks were listening to. Plus, it’s deadpan lyrics and sticking it to The Man ideology were perfect for the quintessential college kid who’s just starting to get woke to the ways of the world.

I heard this at a restaurant the other day and had to say out loud what a deep cut this is because seriously, when last did you even think about this song? And do you think it still holds up?

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