Five Song Playlist: New New and Old New

I keep seeing this factoid about how people tend to stop trying to find or listening to new music after they turn 30, and there are so many things about that that freak me out and also make me refuse that it can be true.

Not only do I know multiple 30 year olds (including myself) who are constantly on the hunt for and embracing new music (even if it starts to sting every year when you realize you’re looking up to people younger than you), but it also freaks me out that people can be stuck and lose the urge to make new discoveries.

So this week I’ve included songs that are new to the world: Anderson.Paak which is probably the most anticipated record this year; Kelsey Lu, who deviates from her moody cello pieces to this poppier piece (listen to the Church EP though); and Cults, with a B-Side from their 2017 album Offering.

Then there’s songs that were new to me this year, like the band Crumb, who I discovered just this weekend, and “Biking (solo)” by Frank Ocean, which I’ve abused for much of this year and is one of the songs I shudder to think I would have missed out on had I stopped listening to new music when I turned 30.


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