Five Song Playlist: Let’s Dance

There’s not much to say about this week’s five week playlist except it’s mainly supposed to get you dancing through the week. It’s all throwbacks starting with a not-so-long-ago favorite by Khruangbin (live review coming tomorrow!) because I’ve still got those funky guitar riffs stuck in my head and wish there was a way to slow down time when you’re at a live show.

The rest of it came from the rabbit hole I promised I’d fall down last week when I was listening to Shanks & Bigfoot “Sweet Like Chocolate.” I ended up finding out the Shanks & Bigfoot were first called Doolally and made this garage banger (called “Straight From the Heart”) first; which lead me to the brass bits that make “Gabriel” by Roy Davis Jr. stand out; then Love Station’s “Teardrops” because of the old school rnb vocals and sample; and finally to Armand Van Helden’s “‘You Don’t Know Me” just for old times sake because it seems like the 90s and 2000s were some of the best years for dance music.

So with that, let’s jam through this week.


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