Cover of the Day: Letters to Cleo ‘I want you to want me’

This is the original:

There are different ways that we measure how time goes by and one of those is things in pop cultural history that remind you of where you were when it happened. The fact that Heath Ledger died five years ago is a little reminder of how quickly the years go and how weird it is that people that we’ve never met can still leave us sad because we’ll never again get to experience their art.

Ten Things I Hate About You will always be one of my all time favourite movies of all time – not just because it was the first time we found ourselves unable to resist the curly haired Australian – but also because it had like, the greatest, most fun soundtrack ever. I always want to like Letters to Cleo outside of the movie – but truth is, their rendition of Cheap Tricks’  1977 original ‘I want you to want me’ (and other songs they perform for the movie) is just so kind of, sing-along- girl perfect and forever associated with ‘the shrew’, Julia Stiles, that they will always be the Ten Things band. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing to be associated with because they took an old song and gave it new listeners (like me, who found out way too recently about the Cheap Trick version) and showed just how universally timeless it is to want someone to want you.

So here’s to nostalgia and good covers and here’s to Heath Ledger who definitely went too soon.

Here’s Letters to Cleo:

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