Song of the Day: Big Boi feat. Little Dragon ‘Mama Told Me’

I know that it has been a while and for that there is no excuse but there’s nothing like a great flipping song to inspire you enough to get back into the writing zone so: Dear “Mama Told Me”/Big Boi, I love you.

The version that I love, what is being called the original version and what was initially listed when the album track list was released, features Little Dragon. On the album version the female vocals on the track are performed by Kelly Rowland. Now, I think Ms Rowland is an ideal featured vocalist for the first single of your album (and this one is) and she obviously does a fine job, but the electronic colourfulness and funky keyboard riff of the song just seems better matched for the Swedish band’s aesthetic and Yukimi Nagano’s voice.

Either way it’s so easy to keep pressing repeat and being the star in the song that your mama told you you would be. And also, it sounds really cool when Big Boi rap/sings “blue jeans/Jordans/Number 3’s/that’s important” at the end of the verse.

So here’s the original version and below that is the (hyper-colour-electric) music video for the album version just so that you can make your own decision about which you prefer. Either way it’s a pretty dope song.

Listen to this.

Now watch this.

P.s. The Knife posted this on their site which (confirmed) means one thing people – NEW THE KNIFE ALBUM coming out next year!! I think this would be a more than appropriate time to ask for a “wooot wooot”?! Can’t wait to hear it.

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