Song of the Day: Firehorse ‘Machete Gang Holiday’

Every now and then there comes a song that lends itself to – for lack of a better term – abuse. The type that is on repeat an unrepeatable number of times and obnoxiously sung everywhere from the kitchen to the shower or at your own private, bedroom mirror concerts. ‘Machete Gang Holiday’ by Firehorse is just that type with its ridiculously funky bassline and chunks of strummy guitar and harmonies of oohs and aahs.

The song, from the band’s debut album And SoThey Ran Faster.., makes you think of rebellious bike riding on a careless summer afternoon and maybe some colorful balloons floating happily along while you belt out ‘’we want to feel bad but we don’t/we’re not sorry!”  It’s a super fun, catchy treat of a track and, in fact, so is the rest of Firehorse’s (led by Leah Siegel whose dad is an NPR broadcaster so you know she must have naturally gifted ears) album. And So They Ran Faster… has no other place to be other than on heavy rotation as the soundtrack of a sweet summer.


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